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Claudia I am so sorry for your loss. I just found out that Tom had passed away. Please let me know if you need anything
I don't know where to begin, but I'll keep this short. I tried so many times to reach out to you, and was rejected time and again. I know our family wasn't the typical family, but I loved my big brother despite of our differences. I hope you are pain free and peaceful. My deepest sorrow to your daughters...girls I barely know, but have loved all these years. I don't know Claudia at all, but I'm sorry to her for all her pain and suffering. I still love you. Sorry for so many things...hugs forever...
To my older brother...wish i could say I love you one more time. Xoxo Suzy
My brother Tom left us on St Patricks Day.He knew his time was near and took that day as his last.He was stubborn that way,he did not want to do it on some ones elses day.There is a Irish wit,bullheaded,stubborn hilarious trait that seems to run thru the Cassidy family.It can make you laugh,make you mad.Sometimes the things out of our mouth can leave you speechless.Tom stayed true to that trait till the end.Love it or not thats who he was.He was my brother.We were blessed to do so much together.I will miss him.One of my sons had the opportunity to pray with Tom in the hospital and hopefully lay to rest a lot of issues.Peace and Love to all.
Oh Uncle Tom, so many memories of you from when we were little girls. You and kids coming over to my Pas house and having picnics in back yard, playing cards, coming to your house and playing with my cousins.
I'm so glad that God has given you peace now and you can be pain free and happy up there in heaven.
Our lives are not always easy but you always came through on top. Your loving brother Uncle Johnny and you had such a strong relationship. Always stuck together no matter what. I'm proud to call you my uncle.
Sweet dreams...
Uncle Tom, my favorite where do I even begin!? You’re the biggest jokester I know and brightened up my days when I would walk into your house and see your smile….We’d be welcomed by the pack of 5 or so dogs you’ve loved dearly, Aunt Claudia's huge smile too so happy to see us. Memories from when I was little coming over for family holiday gatherings, the house was full of love and we would sneak off into the kitchen for the sweets. I think it might’ve been my graduation party or a father’s day weekend, Dad had recently gotten a power scooter toy thing and you were zipping around the yard. Cassidy traditions and the family name goes way back…your one of most awesome, easy going, and yet kind of snappy, always having something to debate about “male cassidy role model” ….I’ve cherished having you as my uncle. Love you so much. Julia
Uncle Tom, It is very hard to say goodbye. You have remained a constant in my live since I was a little girl. I miss visiting for the holidays. There was always a sense of home when visiting and I always loved seeing all the dogs:) I don't know who Dad will argue with now. No one to challenge his every opinion and stance. I'll do my best to keep him young and opinionated. Your love for heritage and ancestry has always kept me curious and proud of my own. I look forward to the today of looking at all your research. It's something I always wanted to do with you when I visited and just never brought up. May you being peaceful dancing among the angels above to an Irish jig and raising a glass to celebrate all the wonderful memories you have. Love you and miss you, Mandy
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